The Ice Music Festival: The Miracle Created by Nature

Ledo muzikos festivalio magija

“Water also makes a sound” this is what the Norwegian musicians proved in the skiing resort of Geilo 9 years ago.  Soon after this, the professional musicians from all over the world joined the Norwegians. We are really curious: how did they make the water sound in such a beautiful way? First of all, it was necessary to go to the frozen lake in order to get some ice.

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“Magic Ice”: The Bar Made from 60 Tone of Frozen Water

magic ice

Usually, if the owners of the bar take a decision to refurbish the place, they buy new furniture or change decorations. However, if you own the Ice bar, the changes to be made are way different. The old interior has to be shattered and then melted down. That is how the “Magic Ice” bar known as one of Norway’s top attractions is being created since its initial establishment in 2009.

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The Aquarium of Ålesund or the Atlantic Ocean under the Glass


In one of the most beautiful cities of Norway, known as Ålesund, you will find the perfect creation of human and nature. The aquarium of Atlantic Ocean called ‘Atlanterhavsparken’ is a great example of how to combine the wild environment and architectural creation. One of the Europe‘s biggest aquariums is surrounded by fiords situated between Atlantic ocean and overland. The dwellings seem to merge with mountains and such a landscape stretches until reaches downy clouds.

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The Viking Women or the Discoveries that Change History

vikingo nuotaka

The Viking age which took place between late 8th and 11th centuries, was marked with the trips of Northern men to Europe as well as the rest of the world. Such a conclusion was drawn taking into consideration the ancient Scandinavian word ‘Vikingar’, meaning exclusively men. It is believed that Vikings were engaged in the activities of raiding and trading. However, it is only the meaning of a single word. The latest research has revealed that women were not excluded from the sea trips.

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Euthanasia in Norway: Is the “Good Death” Moving to the North?

daktaras mirtis

It was attempted to legalize euthanasia four times. The last time this matter was discussed not that long ago, in 2013. The government’s response is yet an unambiguous “no”. However, legalization of euthanasia still remains a hot topic among its supporters and opponents.  According this, one question is of paramount interest: what makes Norwegians return to the initial debates on Euthanasia?

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Are Children in Norway Taken into Care out of Hand?

vaikai Norvegijoje

Immigrant families raising young children shudder from stories told by fellow-countrymen. „In Norway children are taken into care and given out for adoption.“ ; “They take children from our families so that homosexuals have somebody to adopt.“ ; „We are packing our things and returning to the homeland. The child is of a bigger value compared to decent salary.“

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Nidaros Cathedral: The Masterpiece of Norwegian Architecture


Nidaros Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece of unusual beauty in Trondheim that reflects the mixture of Romanesque and Gothic styles. Being built 1000 years ago, it is considered Norway’s most important meeting-house, where coronation process is still present and thousands of tourists come from all over the world.

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