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The 5 most popular myths about learning languages via the Internet

online language learning

Not so long ago the process of learning a foreign language only seemed possible with the help of grammar book and the list of unknown words written down on colourful sticky notes. A large number of boring rules, perhaps, made everybody raise a question on whether it is really worth carrying on. Luckily, the Internet has changed the situation substantially.

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How to rent a suitable home in Norway? Housing in Norway

housing in Norway

Housing in Norway. How to make it easy?

When you go to Norway for work, housing is one of the main problems that have to be addressed. How to rent a suitable home in Norway?

The easiest way is to ask your friend or relatives about it. Housing in Norway could be a problem, if you do not have Norwegian friends. Go online. Continue reading

Survival Guide: How to Save Money in Norway

Save money in Norway

Survival Guide: How to Save Money in Norway

Norway is considered either an expensive or very expensive country. (Depending on one’s salary.) Tourists, who come visit Norway for a longer period of time, often pack their luggages with large amounts of food. But they cannot pack the whole fridge. But fear not, when you buy food or groceries from local stores, prices do not bite that much. Continue reading