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The Vikings, Fish and Sea Monsters: The Latest Flourish of Norwegian Krone



The National Bank of Norway will be working around the clock. The citizens were assured that in 2017 the freshly designed krones will see the light. It is evident that the cash design has been already created, selected and approved. Generally saying, the most fun part is over. True, some of the portraits can truly cheer you up, especially the ones that did not perform good enough to reach the final competition.

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Fishing in Norway: the haul of 300 kilos is waiting for you!

big fish

© Fishermen’s team “Kotas” photo.

“Welcome to the land of big fish!”.  Such a greeting is the most appropriate to everyone who steps in Norwegian fishing area. Believe it or not, this is not a meaningless exaggeration. Europe‘s and world‘s records are beaten exactly in Norwegian waters of the island known as Sørøya. The fish of 195.2 kilos and 2.5 metres height was caught not far away from the island of Andøya. Supposedly, this little fish was among the 3 biggest Atlantic turbots ever caught in the world.

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Trolls: The Mystical Residents of Norway

norwegian troll

Giant and strong, not so intelligent, but very revengeful if cheated. That‘s how we can describe mystical trolls, about which the legends are created since ancient times. According to Northern myths, trolls originate from stones and avoid sunlight not to turn into them again. The fairy-tales tell that one of the most beautiful fjords of Norway known as Troljorden is the place where plenty of trolls live until nowadays.

Regarding Northern legends, Trolfjorden is the perfect place for such creatures. The surroundings are full of rocks so that trolls can hide from sunlight and unexpected guests. The heights reaching one kilometre attract loads of tourists. The other place where trolls are supposed to stay is Hardanger  fjord. Here, 700 metres above the ground you can see an amazing rock known as troll‘s tongue (Trolltunga). Of course, tourists even here give no freedom to roaring trolls. On the other hand, it is claimed that they have learned to suffer a few months from June to September, when tons of tourists come over to visit the place.



Trolls are known to be different amongst one another. Some of them are silly creatures on whom you can cheat. But then, as mentioned before, be aware of their revenge: kidnapped children or animals. In sagas, trolls are often shown as man-eaters! The opposite to them are friendly trolls who tend to help people. However, for such a nice gesture they are willing to get paid or favoured. For example, after helping to reach troll‘s tongue which takes around 8 hours, they expect a great reward.

Trolls seem to be complicated creatures, right? We will help you not to get the wrong message and introduce to different kind of trolls:

Troll of the forest. He stays in Norwegian forests and is often so old that you can even see moss going out of his nose as well mushrooms growing in his ears. Such a troll lies on the ground and pretends to be a huge hill covered with forest goods. Most of the time, these lazy creatures take a nap, but are still able to scent the people coming over. In that case, they wake up and chase people in order to eat them for what they did!

Troll of the mountains. This creature is as savage as the troll of the forest and, in addition to this, crazy about gold! The troll of the mountains robs everybody he meets on his way. No matter if the stranger is rich or poor. According to legends, one of the trolls even tried to steal the sun. The silly creature simply thought that it is a giant piece of gold.

Three-headed troll. The most terrific creature compared to the rest of trolls. He has three empty brains which make him do nonsense. One silly head is already a bad thing. Just think about three of them!

Troll of the war. We have only met this troll in the book called „Lord of the Rings“. He wears heavy coat of mail and fight with giant weapons. Only the greatest knights and restless pixies are able to win the battle against such a monster. Let‘s better hope for him to remain in books…

The Moomins. Just as the rest of the trolls, Moomins are found in contemporary books. The sweetest and the best creatures of compared to other trolls. Most of all, they appeal to children who want to discover the Moomin World. Such a nice creature we would even be willing to take home.  They also can sing in Norwegian. Listen here:

As you can see, the trolls are not equal. Some of them reflect in legends created hundreds of years ago, while the rest appeared in stories of writers from Northern countries.

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The Scandinavian Interior Design: The Manifestation of Nature Inside the House

skandinaviškas dizainas


The harsh climate conditions and the religion based on its worship, has left a print upon the Scandinavian interior design. The household and its design in Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway was shaped on the basis of two major values: religion and the appreciation of nature. Thus, we are showing interest in trends of contemporary interior design prevailing in Northern countries.

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The Ice Music Festival: The Miracle Created by Nature

Ledo muzikos festivalio magija

“Water also makes a sound” this is what the Norwegian musicians proved in the skiing resort of Geilo 9 years ago.  Soon after this, the professional musicians from all over the world joined the Norwegians. We are really curious: how did they make the water sound in such a beautiful way? First of all, it was necessary to go to the frozen lake in order to get some ice.

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The Aquarium of Ålesund or the Atlantic Ocean under the Glass


In one of the most beautiful cities of Norway, known as Ålesund, you will find the perfect creation of human and nature. The aquarium of Atlantic Ocean called ‘Atlanterhavsparken’ is a great example of how to combine the wild environment and architectural creation. One of the Europe‘s biggest aquariums is surrounded by fiords situated between Atlantic ocean and overland. The dwellings seem to merge with mountains and such a landscape stretches until reaches downy clouds.

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Lofoten: A Stunning Archipelago of Norway

lofoteno salynas2

If you happen to visit Lofoten islands, you will figure out what heaven on Earth is. If seen from above, these islands remind of a natural collar, as they are located alongside one another. All of the islands are different in terms of nature, culture and history. However, the warm flow of Gulf Stream is what Lofoten islands have in common. It makes Lofoten a perfect place to enjoy the soft warmth which cannot be found anywhere else in Norway.

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The Ice Hotels: Stay Overnight Wrapped up in Frost

ice hotel

Just imagine snow and ice all around, your nose being tickled by frost and yourself sleeping tight. Surprisingly, this is not a scene of movies similar to „Eight Below“(2006). This version is way more endearing and romantic.  That is what we know as Ice Hotels. Indeed, such a term is extremely accurate, as the ice and snow remain the key building materials that ceiling, walls, beds and other kinds of furniture are made from, inside the buildings of this type.

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Tromsø: the City of the Northern Lights

Northern Lights (Aurora borealis)

Northern Lights (Aurora borealis)

The Northern Lights are the most astonishing flourish of the night. Only a few northern countries, including Iceland, Alaska, Finland, Canada and Norway are presented with such a fabulous phenomenon by nature. The residents and guests of Norway travel to Tromsø in order to experience the beauty of the Northern Lights. This city invites to admire the blazing sky during the period between late autumn and early spring.

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Fjords – natural wonders of Norway

Geirangerfjord Norway

Fjords are incredibly beautiful valleys that have carved continental coastlines of Norway. The country is called the land of fjords, because in Norway there are more these kind of valleys that anywhere else in the world. The hot summer has come and with it – holidays. Fjords are an ideal place to spend summer vacation, relax and enjoy the nature.

Fjord – is one of a few Norwegian words that have become international. It means a place one passes through. These natural wonders have formed thousands of years ago when rivers and glaciers eroded mountain valleys. Coastal U shaped valleys were filled with sea water and formed remarkably deep – more than 1,000 meters deep bays that are ideal for fishing, shipping and tourism. There are countless numbers of fjords in Norway, which ones are most worth visiting?

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