The Scandinavian Interior Design: The Manifestation of Nature Inside the House

skandinaviškas dizainas


The harsh climate conditions and the religion based on its worship, has left a print upon the Scandinavian interior design. The household and its design in Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway was shaped on the basis of two major values: religion and the appreciation of nature. Thus, we are showing interest in trends of contemporary interior design prevailing in Northern countries.

When it comes to manufacturing or purchasing the furniture, Scandinavians tend to choose natural materials. Such a choice reveals their pagan routes. Indeed, the ancient religion praised the nature and encouraged to pray and contribute towards it. In return the fold took advantage of all the natural resources. Although some households have switched to furniture made from artificial materials, it is still attempted to follow such traditions until nowadays.

The residents of Northern countries are fond of multi-functional equipment which is crucial to small flats in terms of being space-saving. For this reason, whilst visiting Norwegian friend, you will definitely figure out what the compact wardrobes, storage boxes and even convertible beds or tables are. This kind of furniture is space- efficient to the extent that it can be effortlessly set up and disassembled when needed. This way, the owner of the house is able to enjoy the free space alone or along with the guests. Such furnishing tricks make the small flat seem spacious enough to serve both casual and occasional purposes.

skandinaviškas dizainas


The constant lack of sunlight is also paid off in home interior. The light colours, such as white, brownish, beige etc. visually boost the living space of flat or house. It is attempted to make the shades remind of natural surroundings, associated with the water, sand, trees and sky. In addition to this, the huge windows and sheer curtains, letting the sunlight get in, play an important role here.

When the evening comes, the only way to avoid the darkness is setting up the spotlights and torchères. During the cloudy and gloomy days they are turned on even in the daytime. Certainly, torchères cannot replace the sunlight but during the gloomiest days they are able to create a cosy atmosphere. This is how Scandinavians get rid of constant dusk and bad mood.

The Scandinavian interior design highlights the importance of handmade goods. This is why the houses of Norwegians as well as other Northern people are full of such goods. Small paper flowers, colourful rugs, laced throws and tissues are all what the local skilful craftsmen keep creating. Such works decorate the houses belonging to Norwegians and support the local craftsmen. It is wonderful, isn‘t it?

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