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Fishing in Norway: the haul of 300 kilos is waiting for you!

big fish

© Fishermen’s team “Kotas” photo.

“Welcome to the land of big fish!”.  Such a greeting is the most appropriate to everyone who steps in Norwegian fishing area. Believe it or not, this is not a meaningless exaggeration. Europe‘s and world‘s records are beaten exactly in Norwegian waters of the island known as Sørøya. The fish of 195.2 kilos and 2.5 metres height was caught not far away from the island of Andøya. Supposedly, this little fish was among the 3 biggest Atlantic turbots ever caught in the world.

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“Magic Ice”: The Bar Made from 60 Tone of Frozen Water

magic ice

Usually, if the owners of the bar take a decision to refurbish the place, they buy new furniture or change decorations. However, if you own the Ice bar, the changes to be made are way different. The old interior has to be shattered and then melted down. That is how the “Magic Ice” bar known as one of Norway’s top attractions is being created since its initial establishment in 2009.

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Lofoten: A Stunning Archipelago of Norway

lofoteno salynas2

If you happen to visit Lofoten islands, you will figure out what heaven on Earth is. If seen from above, these islands remind of a natural collar, as they are located alongside one another. All of the islands are different in terms of nature, culture and history. However, the warm flow of Gulf Stream is what Lofoten islands have in common. It makes Lofoten a perfect place to enjoy the soft warmth which cannot be found anywhere else in Norway.

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The Wedding customs in Norway: Light Blue Underwear and Marzipan Cake


Wedding is the most beautiful and the brightest celebration to every lover.  The celebration of marriage, marking the new stage of life, takes place in different parts of the World. However, depending on culture and religion, the customs as well as traditions vary greatly. Every nation has its own peculiarities; for instance, in Norway the newlyweds put on light blue underwear, as it is believed that this deed frightens away the devils!

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The Ice Hotels: Stay Overnight Wrapped up in Frost

ice hotel

Just imagine snow and ice all around, your nose being tickled by frost and yourself sleeping tight. Surprisingly, this is not a scene of movies similar to „Eight Below“(2006). This version is way more endearing and romantic.  That is what we know as Ice Hotels. Indeed, such a term is extremely accurate, as the ice and snow remain the key building materials that ceiling, walls, beds and other kinds of furniture are made from, inside the buildings of this type.

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Fun Facts About Norway. Part 1

interesting facts about norway

Facts about Norway

The state’s name derives from an ancient Scandinavian phrase – nord veden. It means a road to the north.

Penalties for drunk driving are very strict. The arrested driver has to spend 30 days in jail, loses his or her driver’s license and has to pay a penalty equal to 10% of annual income.

Penalties for speeding are higher than for drug possession. If you speed 10 km/h you may get 3000 crown (360 EUR) fine. Continue reading