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Preteen Brides: What Does the Story of a Young Norwegian Girl Reveal


8th of October was the day when the mass media spotted a new mind-blowing affair. It tells a story of 12-year-old Norwegian girl named Thea who is currently preparing for her own wedding. Surprisingly, it is more than just a girlish dream. It is about to happen in a foggy Norway. The groomsman is 37-year-old Norwegian man named Geir who is nearly twice taller than his future wife.

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Euthanasia in Norway: Is the “Good Death” Moving to the North?

daktaras mirtis

It was attempted to legalize euthanasia four times. The last time this matter was discussed not that long ago, in 2013. The government’s response is yet an unambiguous “no”. However, legalization of euthanasia still remains a hot topic among its supporters and opponents.  According this, one question is of paramount interest: what makes Norwegians return to the initial debates on Euthanasia?

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Are Children in Norway Taken into Care out of Hand?

vaikai Norvegijoje

Immigrant families raising young children shudder from stories told by fellow-countrymen. „In Norway children are taken into care and given out for adoption.“ ; “They take children from our families so that homosexuals have somebody to adopt.“ ; „We are packing our things and returning to the homeland. The child is of a bigger value compared to decent salary.“

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Norway in the European Union? No!

Norway EU

This year European Parliament elections were held. EU citizens elected the politicians that represent their interests best. Norwegians didn’t do it. Norway is also a part of Europe, but Norway in the European Union… maybe it’s a plan for the future. Did you know, why?

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