Free Norwegian lessons

Ready to learn Norwegian? Give yourself a chance with these free Norwegian lessons. We’ve prepared a lot of various tests, fulfilled with audio material with real Norwegian!

Free Norwegian lessons are prepared according to interactive courses

  • Lesson 1. Vocabulary. Hei! Hva heter du?
  • Lesson 2. Listening. Hei! Hva heter du?
  • Lesson 3. Grammar. Pronouns. Infinitive and present tense.
  • Lesson 4. Grammar. Interrogatives.
  • Lesson 5. Reading and listening. Small chat with new companion.
  • Lesson 6. Speaking. Chat with new Norwegian friend.
  • Lesson 7. Writing. Fulfill Nora’s curiosity.
  • Lesson 8. How to introduce yourself?
  • Lesson 9. Grammar. Interrogative sentences
  • Lesson 10. Grammar. Yes / no questions
  • Lesson 11. Vocabulary. Professions
  • Lesson 12. Vocabulary. Foreign languages
  • Lesson 13. Listening. Classmates
  • Lesson 14. Reading. Friends: Ana, Nora and Marie
  • New lesson – 28th of November!

If you want to learn the full course, check out Different tasks will give you possibility to improve all the relevant skills: after completing the Norwegian course, you will be able to speak more freely, to avoid spelling mistakes and to understand your companion clearly. Each lesson consists of 6 parts, which has up to 25 different exercises.

Learn Norwegian Online

Learn Norwegian online effectively provides you with quality independent Norwegian language studies. Hundreds of people are using our system every day to improve their Norwegian language skills. Your age and experience doesn’t really matter here. What matters is that is made to satisfy your needs.

5 advantages of Norwegian courses:

  1. Systematic learning will save you time.
  2. Save not only time, but also money – it’s cheaper than traditional courses.
  3. Compare your knowledge with other people. Compare your results with others.
  4. is user friendly, and material is suitable for people of all ages.
  5. Learn Norwegian online at any time 24/7.

Buy lessons and start learning Norwegian!

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