FREE Norwegian Lessons – 4

Norwegian lessons 4

In this lesson we’ll continue with Norwegian grammar, which is essential for you to speak correctly. Let’s start! – La oss begynne!


Hva – what
Hva heter du? – What is your name?
Hva gjør du? – What do you do?

Hvor – where
Hvor bor du – Where do you live?
Hvor er du fra? – Where are you from?

Hvem – what
Hvem er det – What is it?

Hvorfor – why
Hvorfor snakker du norsk? – Why do you speak Norwegian?

Hvordan – how
Hvordan går det? – How are you?
Hvordan går det med deg? – How are you doing?

Hvor ofte? – how often
Hvor ofte går du på kino? – How often do you go to the cinema?
Hvor ofte snakker du norsk? – How often do you speak Norwegian?

Take a quiz and check how you’ve understood the rules.

Pick the correct option from interrogative words list: hva /  hvor/ hvem/ hvorfor / hvordan / hvor ofte.


Free Norwegian lessons are prepared according to interactive courses

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