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Questions. Norwegain language

Interrogative sentences. Spørresetninger

There are two types of interrogative sentences in Norwegian:

  1. Beginning with an interrogative word
  2. Yes/no questions (Are you from Germany? and etc.)

In this lesson we’ll cover the frirs type.

We have already learned some interrogative words during the 4th lesson (hva, hvor etc). Questions that begin with such words are called open questions, because they begin with an interrogative phrase (usually with the letters “hv-”). Then comes a predicate or the first verb of a predicate.

  • Hva liker du å gjøre? – What do you like doing?
  • Hvor bor du? – Where do you live?
  • Hvem er det? – Who is it? (about live objects)
  • Hva er det? – What is it? (about inanimate objects)

Another interrogative word, which can be used in the beginning of such type of sentences: når – kada.


Let’s take an exercise!

Fill in the missing interrogative and other words.


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