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The Vikings, Fish and Sea Monsters: The Latest Flourish of Norwegian Krone



The National Bank of Norway will be working around the clock. The citizens were assured that in 2017 the freshly designed krones will see the light. It is evident that the cash design has been already created, selected and approved. Generally saying, the most fun part is over. True, some of the portraits can truly cheer you up, especially the ones that did not perform good enough to reach the final competition.

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The Viking Women or the Discoveries that Change History

vikingo nuotaka

The Viking age which took place between late 8th and 11th centuries, was marked with the trips of Northern men to Europe as well as the rest of the world. Such a conclusion was drawn taking into consideration the ancient Scandinavian word ‘Vikingar’, meaning exclusively men. It is believed that Vikings were engaged in the activities of raiding and trading. However, it is only the meaning of a single word. The latest research has revealed that women were not excluded from the sea trips.

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Kings of Oil Import…Waste?

Waste import

Norway is among the top 10 oil and natural gas exporting countries in the world, has got a huge amount of coal reserves. It seems like country has everything it needs, but it lacks… waste. Today’s reality – waste import into Norway.

In Norway waste is thoroughly recycled therefore only 5 percent of rubbish go to dumps. There are different colors of rubbish bins: blue bin is for plastic, green is for food and white is for all the rest of waste, that Oslo alone produce 300 000 tons per year. Rubbish is incinerated in crematoriums, where waste is turned into heating and electricity.

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Fun Facts About Norway. Part 1

interesting facts about norway

Facts about Norway

The state’s name derives from an ancient Scandinavian phrase – nord veden. It means a road to the north.

Penalties for drunk driving are very strict. The arrested driver has to spend 30 days in jail, loses his or her driver’s license and has to pay a penalty equal to 10% of annual income.

Penalties for speeding are higher than for drug possession. If you speed 10 km/h you may get 3000 crown (360 EUR) fine. Continue reading