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The Vikings, Fish and Sea Monsters: The Latest Flourish of Norwegian Krone



The National Bank of Norway will be working around the clock. The citizens were assured that in 2017 the freshly designed krones will see the light. It is evident that the cash design has been already created, selected and approved. Generally saying, the most fun part is over. True, some of the portraits can truly cheer you up, especially the ones that did not perform good enough to reach the final competition.

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The Scandinavian Interior Design: The Manifestation of Nature Inside the House

skandinaviškas dizainas


The harsh climate conditions and the religion based on its worship, has left a print upon the Scandinavian interior design. The household and its design in Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway was shaped on the basis of two major values: religion and the appreciation of nature. Thus, we are showing interest in trends of contemporary interior design prevailing in Northern countries.

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The Viking Women or the Discoveries that Change History

vikingo nuotaka

The Viking age which took place between late 8th and 11th centuries, was marked with the trips of Northern men to Europe as well as the rest of the world. Such a conclusion was drawn taking into consideration the ancient Scandinavian word ‘Vikingar’, meaning exclusively men. It is believed that Vikings were engaged in the activities of raiding and trading. However, it is only the meaning of a single word. The latest research has revealed that women were not excluded from the sea trips.

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Nidaros Cathedral: The Masterpiece of Norwegian Architecture


Nidaros Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece of unusual beauty in Trondheim that reflects the mixture of Romanesque and Gothic styles. Being built 1000 years ago, it is considered Norway’s most important meeting-house, where coronation process is still present and thousands of tourists come from all over the world.

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The Wedding customs in Norway: Light Blue Underwear and Marzipan Cake


Wedding is the most beautiful and the brightest celebration to every lover.  The celebration of marriage, marking the new stage of life, takes place in different parts of the World. However, depending on culture and religion, the customs as well as traditions vary greatly. Every nation has its own peculiarities; for instance, in Norway the newlyweds put on light blue underwear, as it is believed that this deed frightens away the devils!

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Midsummer’s Eve or Jonsok. How to Celebrate in Norway?

Midsummer Day in Norway

St John‘s Day – is an ancient celebration, that is called Sankthans or Jonsok in Norwegian.

It is commemorated on the 24th of July, but observance begins on the evening of June 23rd. Celebration remembers about St John the Baptist and his role for Christians. Also it is the shortest night of the year. Until 1771 Midsummer’s day was a day off in Norway, some communities still follow this tradition.

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