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Hei alle sammen! Hvordan går det med dere?

In previous lesson we’ve started learning how to make questions. In this lesson we’ll present you the second type – yes/no questions.

There is no word “if” in Norwegian. “Yes / No” questions (or “closed questions” such as, “Do you speak Norwegian?”) begin with a predicate. (If a predicate consists of two words, with the first of the two words.)

  1. Snakker du norsk? – Do you speak Norwegian?
  2. Forstår du kinesisk? – Do you understand Chinese?
  3. Kommer du fra Spania? – Are you from Spain?
  4. Liker du ikke kaffe? – Don’t you like coffee?

Do you find it easy? I think it is quite easy 🙂 So, let’s practice!

Grammar practice

After learning grammar rules, please, convert sentences to questions.


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