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Gramatikk. Grammar. Let’s take a closer look into Norwegian grammar, which will be useful in the futher tasks of this lesson.

You will learn personal pronouns, the infinitive and the present tense of a verb. Isn’t it great? Let’s start our lesson.



  • jeg – I
  • du – you
  • han – he
  • hun – she
  • den, det – it

DEN – it (with nouns of masculine and feminine genders)

  • Når får du sykkelen? – When will you get the bike?
  • Den kommer i morgen. – He/She comes tomorrow.

DET – it (with nouns of neuter gender)

  • Når kommer flyet? – When the airplane is landing?
  • Det lander kl. 18. – It is landing at 6 p.m.


  • vi – we
  • dere – you
  • de – they

Infinitive (infinitiv) and present tense (presens) of a verb

We write an infinitive particle „å“ before the infinitive, for instance:

  • Jeg prøver å snakke norsk. – I am trying to speak Norwegian.

Usually the present tense (presens) is made by adding an ending -r to the infinitive.

Verbs are not inflected by pronouns or numbers. When saying either “I speak” or “you speak” and so on, we will always use the same verb form, only the pronoun will differ (I, you, etc)

  • å snakke (to speak) – snakker (I speak, you speak, he she speaks, etc)
  • å hete (to be called) – heter (I am called, you are called, etc)
  • å bo (to live) – bor (I live, you live, etc)
  • å ha (to have) – har (I have, you have, etc)


Take a quiz and check how you’ve understood the rules.

Exercise 1. After mastering the grammar rules, choose a correct form of a pronoun (pronomen).

Excersize 2. After mastering the grammar rules, write in a present tense of a verb.


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