Tromsø: the City of the Northern Lights

Northern Lights (Aurora borealis)

Northern Lights (Aurora borealis)

The Northern Lights are the most astonishing flourish of the night. Only a few northern countries, including Iceland, Alaska, Finland, Canada and Norway are presented with such a fabulous phenomenon by nature. The residents and guests of Norway travel to Tromsø in order to experience the beauty of the Northern Lights. This city invites to admire the blazing sky during the period between late autumn and early spring.

Tromsø is the 7th biggest city of Norway.  Although the population of this city reaches only 65,000, it reminds of the melting pot of nations. The data shows that Tromsø is home for people of approximately 100 nationalities. That is the reason why you are able to find both Islamic mosque and catholic diocese in this city.  In addition to this, the Sami people who are commonly called as Lapps are moving to Tromsø from all over the Norway. These local Scandinavian residents are notably interesting. They raise reindeers, wander around the land as well as the sea and speak Sami languages. Thus, in Tromsø Sami language, besides Norwegian, is going to become an official language.

Not surprisingly, the biggest treasure of Tromsø is the Northern Lights. In this city, located only 400 km away from the polar circle, the ideal conditions are set to admire the flames of the sky. The highest probability of seeing the Northern Lights is between January and February. At that time Tromsø is overflown with Norwegians as well as the tourists from other countries. At that point the festivals of Polar Lights take place within the city. During the festivals curious people are waiting for such a natural miracle to assert.  In winter the Northern Lights are so intense that they dye the entire mountains and fiords in bright colours.

Tromsø is also famous for other objects which are, in contrast, created by human.  One of them is the Polar museum which gives an opportunity to overlook the city from nearly 0,5 km above. The special cable car brings the brave and curious tourists 421 m closer to the sky.  In front of their eyes opens the panorama of Norway’s northernmost city.  After this point, it is entirely up to you where to go next; at the same place stretches the botanic garden covering the area of 2 ha as well as the Arctic cathedral that reflects the modern architecture. The cathedral itself was built by imitating the traditional dwelling of Sami people. The lifestyle of Sami and Norwegian people can be discovered in the museum of cultural history, which is one of the biggest and oldest museums in whole Norway.

Whilst the feet are getting more and more tired, the last thing to do is visiting the brewery. After taking some rest and quenching your thirst there, you will be able to move to the hotel. Just do not forget to take a look at the sky: the green, purple and bright red rays of Northern Lights will be travelling further to the North.

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