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Better job opportunities is the number one reason, why we emigrate to Norway. Job will help you to settle down in a foreign country. However, it is quite difficult to find one. Where should one start looking? How to get a job in Norway?

You can start looking for a job before you go to Norway or when you are already there. The first option is much more suitable:

  • This way you can look for a job in whole country, regardless of the city.
  • You could rent an apartment closer to your new workplace. This will save you time and commuting expenses.
  • You will be able to start working immediately, therefore you can bring less savings to Norway.
  • You will be guaranteed, that you will not have to come home with a huge debt and shattered dreams.

Looking for a job before leaving to Norway is a safer and more reliable option, however, finding a job may take a while. The search can be as long as one year.

Job seeking is much faster in Norway but you should keep in mind the costs of living. Average expenses can be found here.

How to find a job:

1. State Labour Exchange. State Labour Exchange provides information about all the job opportunities. In addition, you will be noted by email when new job vacancies occur. You can visit site here.

2. Job ads online. This is one of the most popular options. However, do not expect a wanted result after having sent only a few CV’s. Apply to as many companies as possible. This way you may expect to get at least couple of job interviews and you will be able to choose for the most suitable employer. You can find job ads here or here.

3. Contact employment agencies. When looking for a job, you should try all the options. Contacting employment agencies is one of them. Their list can be found here.

4. Job advertisments in newspapers. Newspapers provide a wide selection of job opportunities. The biggest job advertising newspaper in Norway is “Aftenposten“.

5. Contact directly with the employer. Very often job vacancies are not publicly advertised. Therefore you may contact directly with your potential employer. Send him or her your CV and inquire about the desired positions. You can find the list of employers here.

6. Ask your friends. Spread the message that you are looking for a job as much as possible. Ask about it your acquaintances who work in Norway. A friend who is working in Norwegian company may recommend you to the employer. If employer trusts your friend, his recommendation will definitely improve your chances getting the desired position.

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