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Norway in the European Union? No!

Norway EU

This year European Parliament elections were held. EU citizens elected the politicians that represent their interests best. Norwegians didn’t do it. Norway is also a part of Europe, but Norway in the European Union… maybe it’s a plan for the future. Did you know, why?

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Kings of Oil Import…Waste?

Waste import

Norway is among the top 10 oil and natural gas exporting countries in the world, has got a huge amount of coal reserves. It seems like country has everything it needs, but it lacks… waste. Today’s reality – waste import into Norway.

In Norway waste is thoroughly recycled therefore only 5 percent of rubbish go to dumps. There are different colors of rubbish bins: blue bin is for plastic, green is for food and white is for all the rest of waste, that Oslo alone produce 300 000 tons per year. Rubbish is incinerated in crematoriums, where waste is turned into heating and electricity.

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Midsummer’s Eve or Jonsok. How to Celebrate in Norway?

Midsummer Day in Norway

St John‘s Day – is an ancient celebration, that is called Sankthans or Jonsok in Norwegian.

It is commemorated on the 24th of July, but observance begins on the evening of June 23rd. Celebration remembers about St John the Baptist and his role for Christians. Also it is the shortest night of the year. Until 1771 Midsummer’s day was a day off in Norway, some communities still follow this tradition.

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Holders of Mortgage Loans in Norway Pay Less Income Tax

Norway Tax return

How to pay less taxes in Norway?

The income tax can be reduced by deducting mortgage interest (rente) from income.

It is not a secret that people who have mortgage can get a significant tax advantage by doing tax returns (selvangivelse). In this way, you can save several thousand of crowns and you will not need any intermediary agencies assistance.

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How to rent a suitable home in Norway? Housing in Norway

housing in Norway

Housing in Norway. How to make it easy?

When you go to Norway for work, housing is one of the main problems that have to be addressed. How to rent a suitable home in Norway?

The easiest way is to ask your friend or relatives about it. Housing in Norway could be a problem, if you do not have Norwegian friends. Go online. Continue reading

Survival Guide: How to Save Money in Norway

Save money in Norway

Survival Guide: How to Save Money in Norway

Norway is considered either an expensive or very expensive country. (Depending on one’s salary.) Tourists, who come visit Norway for a longer period of time, often pack their luggages with large amounts of food. But they cannot pack the whole fridge. But fear not, when you buy food or groceries from local stores, prices do not bite that much. Continue reading

Fun Facts About Norway. Part 1

interesting facts about norway

Facts about Norway

The state’s name derives from an ancient Scandinavian phrase – nord veden. It means a road to the north.

Penalties for drunk driving are very strict. The arrested driver has to spend 30 days in jail, loses his or her driver’s license and has to pay a penalty equal to 10% of annual income.

Penalties for speeding are higher than for drug possession. If you speed 10 km/h you may get 3000 crown (360 EUR) fine. Continue reading

Fjords – natural wonders of Norway

Geirangerfjord Norway

Fjords are incredibly beautiful valleys that have carved continental coastlines of Norway. The country is called the land of fjords, because in Norway there are more these kind of valleys that anywhere else in the world. The hot summer has come and with it – holidays. Fjords are an ideal place to spend summer vacation, relax and enjoy the nature.

Fjord – is one of a few Norwegian words that have become international. It means a place one passes through. These natural wonders have formed thousands of years ago when rivers and glaciers eroded mountain valleys. Coastal U shaped valleys were filled with sea water and formed remarkably deep – more than 1,000 meters deep bays that are ideal for fishing, shipping and tourism. There are countless numbers of fjords in Norway, which ones are most worth visiting?

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